Of Mice and Bloggers

Lost on a straight line

every day the same

every night again.

Same worries new woes

More bills! Oh joy.

We keep thinking us free

I do at least,

I can run away tomorrow!

start again

A comfort of sorts

To a mind in shackles

To a gutless drone.

I may be dull

gray to the core,

but still an ember

Passion holds

some life and hidden joy

some of what I was before.

finding freedom reading blogs,

I admire those braver souls

Travelling hawk-doves

lost but searching

Refusing to settle,

striving to find some more

Here’s to true bloggers!

to those, living worlds of words.

Keep on travelling and writing!

Keep feeling and living

Keep the ember warm

for those that wont.



Palabra y Mirada

La palabra y la mirada se repelen

son mutuamente excluyentes

una Venusina y otra Marciana

la una muda, la otra charlatana

No se mezclan, no se entienden.

Que lea, sólo quien sea ciego a la mirada.

Fer Cruz +


Observo al mundo

y el mundo no me mira

Disfrazo mis mirares de curiosidad

y a veces, de coquetería

de vuelta recibo miradas de desdén

o mirares que de tan perdidos ya no miran.

Mas mi búsqueda de miradas continúa

Son las ventanas del alma

mi solaz y agonía

Mirar que su ser en otros busca

Ser algo, sin saber bien qué.

Unos ojos que hablen

Unos ojos que digan

Soy tu patria, soy tu guía.

Mirada que miradas busca

mirada plena, mirada mía

Mirar que al mundo ve pasar

solitaria y resentida

Mirar que quiere amar

hablar, besar

Mirada de alma y no palabra

que suplica altiva

Mirada virgen, resignada

a no encontrar mirar similar

y a escribir aquello

que sólo el mirar puede expresar.

Fer Cruz +


Where is my voice?

he asked in quiet

No reply but silence.

He asked again,

Once more enquired

Tried words

chanced with gesture.

attempted tought

even prayer in desperation

Time passed

He kept asking

with a hushed scream

Whith patient anger

Not a sound

no one answered

Silence unbroken

from a mirror came his answer

His reflection spoke

in wordless manner:

Your voice is tought

your sound is silence.



Peace and quiet

achieved through

bodily exhaustion

Spiritual harmony

Inner peace

a mind at ease

Is such a bliss

Quite a catch

for those, like me

Who seek and fail

To find, to grasp

who try so hard

a better path

a worthier life

A self experience

but not a lonely one

You feel yourself

and a part of more


the group

the whole

The alluring flesh,

sweaty and toned

It is arousing


The focused mind,

quiet and controlled

It is uplifting


Do Try it

If you ve tried it all

Its not our destination

but it helps along the road.


Fast Cars

A troubled mind

shivers of excitement

the engine starts.

A roar, a deep growl

horses of power,

possibilities unbound

We brace, and speed.

Above of what we should

but below of what we need

The world slows

The mind talks no more

As the gear shifts the engine sings

an aria of chance

a lullaby and march

both requiem and capricio

and we start flying as we drive.

The contest ended,

car and driver stilled in defeat

We take stock

the burnt rubber

sweat and petrol spilled

we aint blind, to the idiocy of it all.

Each race faster than the last

more reckless, fierce and wild

Still, sense is not enough to slow it down

No ammount of wit can kill the chase

Perhaps next drag

speed and driving shall sufice

to overtake and pass

life itself and chance.

Fast enough to feel alive

Fast enough to die.