Texto Anzuelo

Al amor ideal,

al sentir iluso
que buscamos todos
sin cesar, sin éxito.

El amor és desamor

su destino decepción

Más sin embargo,
le escribimos e invocamos,
lo sentimos y soñamos.

Y amor buscamos…

y romance fantaseamos

Acaso algún texto

un suertudo verso
resulte válido y certero!

Sea faro o séa anzuelo
y en amor tórnese
anhelo, verso y texto

LOVE 2.0

So we search

and date and post and blog

to find another’s loneliness

and forget about our own


Web Profiles and Apps

our loneliness disguised

Real aint sexy

So Photoshop your life


We post ourselves.

A decent sincere gentleman?

With the six pack and iron abs

A gorgeous gentle soul perchance?

With 1.8k followers and boob implants

We post ourselves

on catalogues of meat,

lustful sorrow and deceit.


We hook up

fill our void





Cruel fate ours to bear

genders both, the very same.

We feel all alone when single

and crave company

once engaged


We grow wise

or grow old

try new tricks

learn, evolve



for not being alone


Final step

on the journey alone

Compromise, they say!

Fidelity ahoy!

in a meaningful relation

our loneliness

to death we bore


And love lasts, till it ends.

once more

A choice we face

the inadequacy of lovers,

or the lonely embrace of pain.


On our own when with others

all alone with ourselves

We are always lonely

Cruel fate ours to bear.


Of Mice and Bloggers

Lost on a straight line

every day the same

every night again.

Same worries new woes

More bills! Oh joy.

We keep thinking us free

I do at least,

I can run away tomorrow!

start again

A comfort of sorts

To a mind in shackles

To a gutless drone.

I may be dull

gray to the core,

but still an ember

Passion holds

some life and hidden joy

some of what I was before.

finding freedom reading blogs,

I admire those braver souls

Travelling hawk-doves

lost but searching

Refusing to settle,

striving to find some more

Here’s to true bloggers!

to those, living worlds of words.

Keep on travelling and writing!

Keep feeling and living

Keep the ember warm

for those that wont.



Observo al mundo

y el mundo no me mira

Disfrazo mis mirares de curiosidad

y a veces, de coquetería

de vuelta recibo miradas de desdén

o mirares que de tan perdidos ya no miran.

Mas mi búsqueda de miradas continúa

Son las ventanas del alma

mi solaz y agonía

Mirar que su ser en otros busca

Ser algo, sin saber bien qué.

Unos ojos que hablen

Unos ojos que digan

Soy tu patria, soy tu guía.

Mirada que miradas busca

mirada plena, mirada mía

Mirar que al mundo ve pasar

solitaria y resentida

Mirar que quiere amar

hablar, besar

Mirada de alma y no palabra

que suplica altiva

Mirada virgen, resignada

a no encontrar mirar similar

y a escribir aquello

que sólo el mirar puede expresar.

Fer Cruz +


Where is my voice?

he asked in quiet

No reply but silence.

He asked again,

Once more enquired

Tried words

chanced with gesture.

attempted tought

even prayer in desperation

Time passed

He kept asking

with a hushed scream

Whith patient anger

Not a sound

no one answered

Silence unbroken

from a mirror came his answer

His reflection spoke

in wordless manner:

Your voice is tought

your sound is silence.